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Neeta Boochra Jewellery

Silver Two Tone Necklace with Signature Motif and Pearl Maala

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It is made in silver and has a pearl motif on the front side of the necklace. The pearl motif on both sides represents two hearts that are linked together as one heart, symbolizing love and affection. Both hearts are also represented by two stars, representing good luck and prosperity. The pearls represent wealth and prosperity, while the star represents justice, protection and fortune. Silver two tone necklace with a signature motif and pearl-mala gives a classic look to women. This necklace will be a great accessory for your outfit. The necklace is made of silver and has a vintage feel to it. It will go well with any outfit, but is especially elegant on formal occasions such as weddings or business meetings.

  • Anti-Tarnish Coating

  • Anti-tarnish e-coated

  • Lifetime Plating Service

  • Free Shipping in India

Hallmarked 925 Silver Jewellery

All our jewellery pieces are Hallmarked with the 925 Purity stamp and Neeta Boochra Jewellery logo.