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Neeta Boochra Jewellery

Silver Oxidized Necklace with Turquoise Beads

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This is a silver necklace with turquoise beads. The turquoise beads are made of a silver alloy and the necklace is made of titanium. It has a blue color and it is worn by the wearer on his or her neck. This is the most important part of this product, as it represents all that this product has to offer. The colors represent the wearer's personality, which makes him or her more attractive and desirable to others. The turquoise beads represent his or her personality as well, but they also represent his or her level of stability and security.

  • 925 Sterling Silver

  • Anti-tarnish coated

  • Lifetime Plating Service

  • Free Shipping in India

Hallmarked 925 Silver Jewellery

All our jewellery pieces are Hallmarked with the 925 Purity stamp and Neeta Boochra Jewellery logo.