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Neeta Boochra Jewellery

Silver Gold Plated Bangle with Checker Stones

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The bangle is a piece of jewelry that has always had symbolistic meaning. It has been used as a symbol of beauty, love, and fortune. A Sterling Silver Bangle is an elegant and timeless treasure for the new millennium. It’s a symbol of good fortune and prosperity.

Neeta Boochra designs handcrafted jewelry that features exclusive and one-of-a-kind art pieces. The collection includes bangles, earrings, necklaces, and more for women of all ages.

  • 925 Sterling Silver

  • Anti-tarnish coated

  • Lifetime Plating Service

  • Free Shipping in India

Hallmarked 925 Silver Jewellery

All our jewellery pieces are Hallmarked with the 925 Purity stamp and Neeta Boochra Jewellery logo.