Things You Should Know About Handmade Jewellery

Handmade jewelry is a trend that has been in vogue for a few years now. While the market for handmade and vintage jewelry has boomed, the fashion industry is yet to catch up.

 The word handmade jewelry generally refers to jewelry that is created by a person from the materials they have in their possession. It could be a bracelet, necklace, earrings or any other kind of jewellery.

 According to some sources, there are around 10 billion pieces of handmade jewelry in the world. Nowadays, there are many designers and companies who offer readymade collections of jewellery that can be customized as per client’s needs.

 But if you ask an expert about it, they may tell you that handmade jewellery also refers to pieces made by hand using a variety of techniques such as casting metals or using waxes or clay which makes them difficult to produce and hence more expensive than readymade ones.

Each Piece Comes with A Story

Handmade jewellery is an art form which is loved by fashionistas, artists, and fashion lovers. While there are many occasions when you can wear your handmade jewellery, a few of them stand out as being perfect for particular pieces.

 Every piece comes with a story and that’s what makes it more interesting! While they may be highly-sought-after in stores, handmade pieces have a story to tell that you can only find with their unique and personal touch.

The collaborative nature of the process, which often includes multiple artists working on one piece, can create a story that is impossible to replicate.

Each artisan has a different story of how they came about making these jewellery pieces.

Unparalleled Exclusivity

Handmade jewellery online is a recent trend that has grown in popularity. There are many reasons why this type of jewellery is gaining success. One of the most important reasons for the success of handmade jewellery is exclusivity.

Handmade Jewellery Online

 All handmade pieces are unique and exclusive because they are made by hand, which means that no two pieces look the same. This uniqueness and exclusivity can help a lot in the marketing aspect of this product as it gets noticed by everyone who sees it.

Personal Touch

The craft of making your own jewellery is an art and it should be respected as such. The more personal touch you can add to the jewellery, the better it will be.


Why all the fuss about things we wear? It's not just a fashion statement, it's a way to show what you feel, what you believe in, who you are - and so much more.

 The things we wear are a reflection of our personality, who we are and what's important to us. So many people want to make their own jewellery because there is no sense in buying something mass-produced or too expensive when they can make something themselves that has real meaning for them.

Must be fabricated from raw metal

It is important for people to understand the materials that are used for handmade jewellery. Different metals have different properties and features. A person should be familiar with these metals before purchasing a piece of handmade jewellery online. 

The most common metal used in craftsmanship is copper, which is a soft and malleable metal that can be hammered, drawn into wire, or cast into molds without breaking. Most copper jewelry made today is composed of the addition of other metals such as tin, silver, bronze or gold. Some types of copper jewelry may also include nickel and zinc to produce shine and luster.

Antimony can produce green-blue shades when mixed with other metals such as zinc or aluminum. Gold may react differently depending on how it’s handled too because it’s highly reactive. 

Millennial collection

The millennial collection is a curated compilation of some of the most celebrated, sought-after, timeless pieces and new collections from some of the industry's most talented makers. The millennial collection was created to showcase the up-and-coming designers who are defining what it means to be fashionable in today's world. 

Festive jewellery collection

Festive Collection

For many people, the jewellery they wear at a festival matters a lot. So, when it comes to something as personal as jewellery, the thought of wearing something that is mass produced might not be the best decision. Handmade Jewellery is also a great way to express your personality and add some sparkle to your wardrobe.

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