Everything You Should Know About Silver Jewellery

Silver Jewellery is a type of crafted Jewellery made from pure silver. Silver pieces are often preferred for their high value and allure. It has also become more popular in recent years with the rise in popularity of fine jewelry in general. 

Handcrafted silver Jewellery can be enjoyed by people who want to wear something that goes beyond average everyday items because it has an artistic quality, which most other types of jewelry lack, and because it can be personalized to reflect one's own unique tastes and style. 

What is all the hype about silver jewellery?

A silver jewellery typically has a much lower cost than its golden cousin. But these days, there is a renewed interest in the silver jewellery market too. 

Silver jewellery has been around for centuries. The Romans were the first to adopt it as a form of currency, while other civilizations like the Egyptians and ancient Britons also used it as currency and ornaments. 

The value of silver jewellery has steadily increased in the last few years. It is no wonder that it might be one of the most trending items right now. The interest towards silver jewellery has been on the rise since its novel discovery in the year 1778, followed by its introduction as a possible alternative to gold and platinum during World War. 

There are a lot of reasons why you should switch to silver or other metals. Yes, it is not as malleable as gold, but it will not tarnish so easily or need reparation. It also comes with many other benefits such as an amazing texture and unmatched brilliance that will have your friends asking you where you get those silver gold necklaces for women

Which silver is best for jewelry?

Silver is a beautiful metal prized for its color, ductility, and tarnish resistance. Silver is also often used as an alloy with copper to make brass. 

Before we go into the explanation of why silver is the best material to use in jewelry, let's talk about what makes it a valuable metal. Silver’s natural properties give it many uses and make it a precious gem among other metals. The first use of silver was as money, which leads to its reputation as being highly valuable in some cultures and civilizations such as ancient Greece and Rome. But silver’s value goes beyond just being money because of its outstanding characteristics, like the fact that it doesn't tarnish or corrode easily. This gives you an idea of why artists use this brilliant metal for their creations or why we wear it. 

Reasons to Start Buying Sterling Silver Jewelry

The increase in demand for jewelry has led to a growth in the market. The sterling silver jewelry market is growing at a rate of up to 8-10% annually and is expected to reach $8.4 billion by 2024.

While the price of silver has been increasing, the price of gold has decreased in recent years. This makes it easier for people to purchase, so they can be sure that they are investing their money wisely while enjoying high profits on the value of their investment. In addition, when you buy sterling silver jewelry, you are making an investment because it will not tarnish or fade away like other types of metals would do over time. 

Sterling silver jewelry is a popular choice for many people. It is affordable and has a long-lasting durability.

The reason to start buying sterling silver jewelry is because it has a long-lasting durability. Sterling silver jewelry also comes in different designs, sizes and materials that can suit every personality.

Where to find quality handmade jewellery?

Neeta Boochra is a designer, jeweller and owner of Neeta Boochra's collection. Her avant-garde jewellery designs have taken the Indian fashion world by storm. And her online shop has garnered much attention among these buyers from around the world. 

The company also offers various handmade silver jewellery such as 925 silver statement earrings, silver gold necklaces for women as well as gold plated finger rings online. 

Neeta is also best known for her silver and gold necklaces which are typically made of 925 sterling silver or gold with a range of different necklaces and statement earrings available in the website.

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