Neeta Boochra Jewellery narrates a timeless tale of a 132-year-old legacy of Silver Centrre, Jaipur ushering since the late 1890s. With a strong foothold in the Indian Jewellery business, we celebrate historic exhibitions and the grandeur of Indian Heritage through our exquisite collections in 925 Sterling Silver. 

Neeta Boochra Jewellery


Neeta Boochra is a Jewellery Designer, Social Entrepreneur for Women Empowerment, Motivational Speaker and Celebrity Columnist.

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Behind our jewellery, there is a philosophy that resonates with our values, in which we strive for perfection to complement the already perfect woman. We maintain a high standard of quality and purity and use 925 Sterling Silver with 22K Gold Plating to create timeless pieces.

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