10 Things to Consider When Buying a Silver jewellery

Looking at the latest trends, it is the silver jewellery that is in vogue. Accessories made of silver are also highly sought after by both genders. Being trendy is one reason while its easy maintenance and variety of designs make it even more popular. However, it is the quality that one must keep in mind when buying silver accessories. As with any other precious metal or stones, the buyer must have the knowledge to make an informed decision when purchasing silver. Listed below are some important things to consider before you venture out to buy traditional Silver Jewellery. Go through them to educate yourself and make the right decision.

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  1. Know The Difference Between Pure Silver, Silver Plated & Sterling Silver Jewellery

The moment you will search for silver jewellery, these three types are the most common one that you will encounter. It is vital that you know the difference to make the right buying decision. Pure or fine silver is composed of 99.9% pure silver. It is very soft and delicate. Shaping it to any jewellery piece is almost impossible as it easily gets dented. 92.5% pure silver is Sterling silver.  It is of the finest quality and maximum silver jewellery today is made from it. Silver plated is just covering of metal like copper or brass with a thin layer of silver. The silver applied is so thin that it makes the jewellery an easy buy.

  1. Purity of Silver

You can also buy hallmarked silver just like gold. But do know that hallmarking of silver and gold jewellery is a voluntary process. The jeweller may or may not offer hallmark on its jewellery. But you can definitely ask for it. This way you will have a valid proof of its purity. BIS have four signs that buyer must look for. That is BIS logo, purity grade/fineness, hallmarking centre's identification mark/number and jeweller's identification mark/number.

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  1. Making Charges Play Significant Role

You must be aware that there are making charges on gold jewellery. The same applies to silver articles as well. When going through silver jewellery pieces, the total price will be quoted to you. It is your task to ask the jeweller the current market price of silver and what are the making charges on each article. The charges often start from Rs 3 per gram but there is no maximum limit. But you must know that making charges on silver is much lesser than that charged on gold jewellery.

  1. Ask About Buy-Back Policy

It is a common practice where people sell their old gold or silver jewellery to buy a new one. When you are going to buy silver jewellery, ask the jeweller if they have a buy-back policy. If yes, then how much money you will get when selling old jewellery articles. It is important to know the various charges that will be taken into account by the jeweller. Everything will hold importance while calculating the sale price of your jewellery

  1. Gemstones On Silver Jewellery

A lot of silver jewellery these days has gemstones on it. The purpose is to make the jewellery more stylish and beautiful. It is very easy to get attracted to such designs. However, make sure that the jeweller is not adding the weight of these gemstones to the price of silver. 

  1. German Silver

German silver is another new term that is going around. It is certainly different from sterling silver, so don’t take them to be one. Your sterling silver jewellery will actually be made of pure silver and other alloys. It will also be hallmarked by BIS. German silver can be any metal with a silver polish over it. There is no BIS mark on it. 

  1. Perform Physical Tests For Authenticity

There are many minor physical tests to ensure that the silver you are buying is pure and authentic. The tests will not harm the silver in any way. The first test is using a magnet. Silver is a non-magnetic metal. If a silver piece is getting attracted by the magnet, then it is not pure. Use a strong magnet for this task as your household magnet might not be powerful enough to give the desired results. 

  1. Get An Appraisal

If you aren’t really sure about the silver jewellery that you purchased, you can always take it to expert consultation for an appraiser. You may or may not need to pay for it but it is definitely a good tip. This way you can know for sure whether your silver jewellery is of the best quality or not.

  1. Be Cautious When Purchasing Online

There are tons of online stores these days that are selling silver jewellery. Buying it online definitely becomes a convenient and time saving task. But it is important that you exercise caution. Make sure that you buy silver jewellery from a reliable and authentic website only. Check the site’s refund and exchange policy. A well reputed online seller will have an extensive listing of products with detailed specifications of each article. It is also essential to browse customer reviews and testimonials to know about the seller’s reputation.

  1. Suitable For All Skin Types & Tones

If you are under the impression that silver jewellery might not suit your skin type or tone, you are wrong! This metal is a highly versatile one. It does not cause any skin irritation or lead to allergies. Neutral & cool skin tones and those with olive & warm skin tones, everyone can support silver jewellery in an elegant as well as stylish manner.

Wrapping Up

Silver jewellery is a great investment. Those who take good care of it are able to keep its beauty intact for a long period of time. This also allows people to pass on certain silver jewellery pieces as heirlooms. Now, that you know almost everything about buying accessories made form silver, go ahead and shop your heart out. Silver jewellery jaipur pieces will adorn you.


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