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Neeta Boochra Jewellery

Tribal Silver Necklace with Rubies

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• 925 Sterling Silver

• 22K Gold Plating


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  • Authenticity certificate

  • 925 Sterling Silver

The tribal silver necklace with rubies is a dream come true for necklaces connoisseurs. It's the ultimate necklace! It has all the best features of a real silver necklace. We have created a collection of tribal necklaces with rubies as a way to show respect towards our ancestors. Many people have never seen tribal necklaces before, and we want to change that. The rubies represent the power of our ancestors, who helped us and are still helping us today. These stones are inlaid with precious silver and rubies to form a series of interlocking triangles. The rubies add a gorgeous color and sparkle to the necklace.

Hallmarked 925 Silver Jewellery

All our jewellery pieces are Hallmarked with the 925 Purity stamp and Neeta Boochra Jewellery logo.